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Split the Difference Coffee Table (Ash)

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Plate tectonics: a natural force so powerful, it shapes the very ground we stand on. Split the Difference Coffee Table in Charcoal simulates a solid chunk of lava stone being torn asunder from the constant friction of tectonic plates located far below the Earth’s crust. Made from a combination of resin and crushed stone then finished in a striking black, this elemental statement piece is beautifully contrasted with a remarkable chrome-finished stainless steel surface that delivers a modern take on this naturally inspired motif.
This earth-shaking table is divided into two pieces that can be conjoined into one whole, or left as two separate tables depending on your design preference.
This item is made from polished stainless steel and is reflective like a mirror. Color will be determined by its surroundings. Note that the photo was taken in a white space, so color appears light and uniform in this case.
Dimensions: 48x34x16"H